100% ZEN discovery sailing day

Even if you have contacted us by phone, it is the payment of the online booking that validates your reservation. Anyone who has paid for their booking online will have priority over an unpaid telephone request.
If you have any questions about the day, look in the description below.
For your booking, choose a date below, and select the number of passengers.
In low season, we may ask you to move the day of your trip, as we need a minimum number of passengers on board to validate our trip. But don’t worry, we always offer you several possibilities to find what suits you best for your sailing day in Martinique.
Please note: The child rate applies to children under 12 years old, and this changes the meal.
Finally, if the baby rate applies to children up to two years old, please note that the meal is not included.


Sail over the sea, admire the unique beauty of Martinique, discover the underwater wonders during a guided snorkeling . On the menu a healthy and gourmet meal accompanied by cold drinks. A timeless day dedicated to the awakening of the senses.

New activity from Case-Pilote. A boat trip on a racing trimaran in small group. A fast sailing boat.


You dream to discover Martinique from the sea ? Are you looking for new sensations? Or simply want to enjoy a day at sea with family or friends with less than 10 passengers. Let yourself be carried away by the beauty of the landscape and the poetry of the present moment?

Embark on the wings of our trimaran and let yourself be gently rocked by a soft navigation. You will have the sensation of flying over the sea like a bird over the waves with an incredible stability. Savor the magic of the moment!

Nous organisons des journées découvertes de la Martinique en bateau à voile rapide au départ de Case-Pilote.

What is the program?

Where do we go?

The magic of Madisail is that we do not know in advance where we will go! 
In the first place because we assure you that you will sail, so it determines. But also, because we adapt to the affluence on the spots, to ensure you to spend a moment out of time, with a miminum of other users in the surroundings. 
But what we can guarantee is that you will be in a breathtaking place, whether it is outside or underwater. 
Each day, the captain chooses his stopping point among a dozen of spots which all have the specificity of being little frequented, with a stunning nature, and especially optimal for aquatic walks, with a dense and remarkable underwater fauna and flora. 
There is no need to ask Pol as soon as you arrive where you will go, because he will only decide that once you are there. It’s also a way to add some adventure to your experience. 

The appointment and the schedule of the day

See you at 8:45am at  La Case Madisail! Our slow boutique, filled with souvenirs made exclusively in Martinique. It is located on the sea front of Case Pilote, right next to the restaurant THE REEF. 

Departure in the morning for a navigation all under sail, with discovery of the sensations  of the ride on a racing trimaran. Everyone can participate in the maneuver, regardless of your level. Or simply relax and enjoy the scenery. At the end of the morning we will reach a sheltered cove where we will anchor. Then, equipped with our flippers, masks and snorkels, we will leave to meet the colors and sensations that can offer a rsnorkeling on caribbean costline. Images in your head, it is now time to l The aperitif which will be followed by a meal with a eco-responsible lunch box ( we favour local and organic food when possible) with fresh dishes adapted to your diets and food preferences.  Cold drinks with or without without alcohol are offered.

After the coffee, the time of idleness is left free: nap or bath, each one chooses.
Vers 15h30, c’est l’heure d’hisser la grand voile pour une navigation d’après-midi afin de parfaire les connaissances acquises le matin. Take the helm for those who want to, refine the sail settings or simply continue to dream while watching the landscape go by.

Who can participate to a Madisail day?

The Madisail experience has been designed to suit absolutely everyone, as long as they want to. Thus, we have no age restrictions. As an example, it happened that we celebrated the birthday of a 3 year old pirate and her 87 year old great-grandfather on the same day. Very often, it is the accompanying persons who have fears about the capacity of the persons concerned to participate in a day at sea. But no grandparents or babies/children have ever complained about a day on our boat.  But let’s talk more specifically about different audiences: 


Children are curious by nature, and as soon as we let them live this curiosity, they have a good time and develop well. This is what we offer at Madisail, a safe space where children can move around and even participate in the maneuvers if they want to. Depending on their age, it will be with their parents, or the captain Pol, or in autonomy. 
When it comes to babies and napping! Sailing on Fildou (that’s its name in French, Fildou literally means: to sail softly) is so soft, that absolutely all the babies succumb to a soft nap, at least during the sailing. Even some toddlers who are reluctant to take a nap end up letting go, lulled by the soft sensations. 

When sailing, the children are protected from the sun by their equipment: lycra, hats (possibly a large diaper for a baby in a baby carrier). And, during the anchorage break, big tents, make a great hut sheltered from the sun. 

People with reduced mobility

Our approach and our values push us to be as inclusive as possible.
Also, whatever the handicap, or the difficulties that you can have, we will adapt to the best and Pol will know how to accompany you so that you live the day, like the other passengers.
We don’t have any special equipment, but the coating on the boat makes the experience enjoyable regardless of your mobility.
If you usually use a wheelchair, the day trip is open to you as soon as you agree to leave your wheelchair on the ground. Pol, and your companions will help you get around. 
If you have any doubts about the feasibility, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will try to find solutions together.